Authorized Dealer of Primo Grills

Cook up something delicious on your own backyard grill. Malcom Lumber is a Primo Grills™ authorized dealer. Come to one of our locations in Oskaloosa, Montezuma, or Grinnell, Iowa, and get cooking! While you're here, don't forget to check out our selection of tools, paint, and hardware in case you want to spruce up your patio while you're grilling.

American-Made Grills

Primo Grills are one of the nation's top manufacturers of ceramic-style charcoal grills. Their American-made products are famous for delivering fantastic results. The patented, oval design gives you more usable grill space for superior cooking, baking, roasting, and smoking.

Taste the Difference

When food is cooked on an authentic charcoal grill, you can taste the difference. Our grills are ideal for meat, vegetables, and seafood of all kinds. Whether you're cooking up juicy hamburgers or a succulent portobello mushroom, you'll be glad you chose a Primo grill.

Lifetime Warranty

A well-made grill will last a lifetime. Primo Grills are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a 20-year guarantee on all ceramic parts. Primo also offers fantastic customer service. If you ever have a problem with your grill, just contact them for support.


Master the art of grilling with great ingredients and accessories from Primo. They offer a complete range of spice, rubs, and grilling tools to go with your Primo grill. You'll find their complete line at Malcom Lumber.